Stepper motor to be installed on Joe DuVivier’s Nn3 diorama of Caspar Mill on the Mendocino Coast

Definitions: Nn3 is narrow gauge in N scale, primarily, but not exclusively using Z scale standards to represent 3ft narrow gauge railroads.While it’s obviously a minority interest, it’s followed by an increasing number of modellers worldwide. N scale uses 9mm track. Z scale use 6.5mm. So, Nn3 is N scale rolling stock on Z scale … Continue reading

Toddler Junkie Immediately Hooked On Looking At Trains After First Exhilarating High

I didn’t write the headline. It appeared in an internet newspaper called, “The Onion.” In Google The Onion is described as, “A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.” Now you know that here’s the piece that I stole lock, stock and barrel from The Onion with the above title: “HARRISBURG, PA—After experiencing the … Continue reading