Elk/Greenwood L E White Lumber Co’s Crummy

First – What is a “Crummy”. It was an early term for a logger’s bed roll and possessions.Latterly it is the word used for the vehicle that hauls the loggers to the work site in the woods. From what one can gather it was usually a vehicle in deplorable condition and barely functional. Crummies weren’t vehicles that were the subject of the discerning photographer. This photo shows the crummy belonging (I think) to the L.E. White lumber Company of Elk/Greenwwod. It was on its way to Camp 11 one ridge east of Highway 1 and west of Cold Springs.

Crummy on the way to the woods

Crummy on the way to the woods

The propulsion is an automobile converted to rail pulling a flat car. No shelter for anyone, What a way to go to work!!!!!

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