Building an Eight Wheeler (4-4-0) Locomotive with a Steam Powered Drill Press, Lathe and Planer

If you live in Fort Bragg the first Sunday of each month means brekkers at the Grange. Over 400 people came to nosh there last July 6th including Mr. and Mrs. Norvell. The Norvells are old-time Fort Braggers (as are most of the 400 who come to enjoy the food). Their son and daughter run their paint shop (Norvells) in Fort Bragg.

Donna Norvell knows of my “thing” for trains. She is a volunteer at the Hospice thrift shop and “copped” a book for me from the donated materials and gave it to me at the Grange – an extremely kind act. The book, published in 1999 was called “Locomotive – Building an Eight Wheeler” and written and illustrated by David Weitzman.

I have a couple of books about the building of “modern” steam locos but nothing about the building of a 1900’s 4-4-0. Per the book, all you need is a steam powered drill press, lathe and planer. The book provides a step by step account of how a 4-4-0 was designed and built and is replete with beautiful pen and ink and pencil drawings.

One more time I was amazed at the engineering skills of the “old-timers” and their ability to create with limited tools. I have put the book in our library.

Book cover of Locomotives

Book cover of Locomotives

Thank you Donna.