CWR (California Western Railroad) Railbus M300

M300 in the woods

She sits, sad and forlorn, on a track between the building that houses our layout and the Skunk train depot in Fort Bragg. Visitors to the layout frequently ask, “Does she run?” The answer is, “Yes.” That’s the good news. The bad news is that she does not go backwards so she cannot run the Pudding Creek Express as there is nowhere for her to be turned around for the return journey. Once the railroad between Fort Bragg and Northspur is in operation she will be back in business as she can use the wye at Northspur to “about face.”

M300 was built by American Car & Foundry in 1935, Order #1432, as Seaboard Air Line RR 2026, part of a three car order, 2024 thru 2026. She was sold to the Aberdeen & Rockfish as 106. In 1951 and was purchased as Salt Lake Garfield & Western M.C.3 to replace their electric cars. Finally, in 1963 she became part of the CWR roster where she was numbered M300. So (in 2017) she’s 82 and still rolling along. Not bad eh?

Here’s a bunch of pics of her taken over the years: