Minion Hijack on the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad

Our layout is, at heart, an attempt to show the visitor how logging took place along the Mendocino Coast in the late 1800’s through the early 1949’s. But, as Frank Davis our Chief Operating Officer will tell you, a little whimsy is VERY popular with guests. Frank provides whimsy with a pack of Minions that have descended upon the layout. Frank is continually moving our Minions tribe around – so, you just never know what you might find those despicable little yellow fiends doing. One day the Minions decided that hijacking a MOW (Maintenance of Way) yarder and a Crummy belonging to the loggers was a good idea!

Here are the boys off on their adventure.

minion Hi-jack a MOW on the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad

Hijack under way ……

HOLD IT, HOLD It, HOLD IT ……… we’ve forgotten two of the guys!!!!!!

HOLD IT we've forgoton two minions - scene from the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad

HOLD IT!!!!!!!!

Come on – pedal to the metal – we’re being followed!!!!

Minions escaping with a MOW on the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad

Is this fun or what?????

Want to see what the boys are up to right now? Come on by  our railroad……..