Steamship Caspar – the last of three of the same name

The Caspar Lumber Company had three steam schooners named, “Caspar”.

The third Caspar was a steel steam schooner displacing 739 tons. She was 175.5 ‘x 34.0’ with a  700 hp engine. Initially named the “Nushagek” she was built in 1904 by United Engineering Works, Alameda, California. The Nushagek was purchased in 1925 from Alaska Packers Association and was renamed when the second Caspar” was sold. The Caspar was laid up in 1939.

The third Caspar had an eventful life. While proceeding very slowly in a dense fog on October 2, 1937, she struck Point Reyes Rock 33 miles north of San Francisco. The crew worked valiantly, and with the last remaining bit of steam finally beached the vessel in 15 feet of water in Drakes Bay. There were two large holes in her hull, one 10 feet wide and the other 3 feet wide, through which water poured into the hold. She was refloated and repaired. On December 16, 1937, she collided with the steamer  “Julia Luckenbach” in San Francisco Bay. The latter was apparently undamaged as it continued on its way to Portland, but ‘ the “Caspar,” with a damaged bow, was obliged to go to the shipyard for repairs. The Caspar was laid up in 1939. During World War II she was taken over by the Army and later wrecked in Alaska.

Why am I “featuring” the third Caspar? Well, according to the September 7th, 1921 Fort Bragg Advocate:

The steam schooner Caspar transported 4,260,000 feet of lumber to San Francisco from Caspar during the month of August. She made seven round trips.”

According to a movie we have the most likely destination was a crate and box making factory located in Pittsburg which is located on the southern shore of the Suisun Bay in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay. Caspar Lumber Company had a controlling interest in the factory.

Pics of the third Caspar seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth. This one – of her as a wreck – was on the website.

The wreck of the third Caspar

The wreck of the third Caspar