Swedish Model Railroad

I have been trying to enliven my existence in these terrible times by, among other things, watching a lot of train and model train vids. This one i really like for its simplicity and the sound effects – especially the birds.

The layout was built by Rickard Arvius who lives outside Skövde in western Sweden. Rickard’s miniature world is built in HO scale with Märklin C Tracks, which  allows  him to run both analog and digital model locomotives. The track is built like a dogbone  so that the model trains can run around without stopping.The dogbone is double track and is located in a part of a garage, which is about 75 square feet. Rickard wanted to concentrate more on the landscape than on the rail network. Therefore, the layout is fictional; Rickard was inspired by the rural environment where he lives with the classic Swedish wooden houses painted in red with white windows. The catenary is not connected. Rickard decided to install catenary pillars for a more realistic look, but there are no plans to install overhead lines at the moment. Therefore the locomotives’ pantographs are down to avoid hitting the pillars. Perhaps a contact wire will be installed in the future.