The Ten Mile Branch – the MCMR&HS second HO layout – – Part 2 – Building the Pudding Creek Trestle

As you can gather from the previous post the fact that I had never finished ANY layout did not stop me from building a 135 foot long HO “monster” – The Ten Mile Branch. Well, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. My next idiotic move was my decision to build a prototypically accurate model of Fort Bragg (CA) iconic Pudding Creek Trestle:

Pudding Creek Trestle from the south end

The first step was to measure each of the bents:

Height of Pudding Creek trestle calculation

I thought that I had measured everything wrong as my calculations showed that the trestle ran uphill from north to south so I went back and measured it again – with the same result. At this point I decided I was a right twit and wouldn’t tell anyone what I had found and build my trestle “flat.” Many moons later I found out that my measurements were correct and that, indeed, the trestle rises 2 foot in every 100.

The next step was to build the bents (the uprights). Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear what a shambles. My first three “freehand” bents were total, unmitigated disasters. I was in despair and about to abandon the whole project when, whilst reading a railway mag I chanced upon an itty bitty advert for Black Bear Scale Models who offered an HO jig for building trestle bents. Hallelujah, project saved.

I freely admit I am not an accomplished modeller but, if I say so myself, with the aid of the jig the bents turned about really well. Judge for yourself:

Trestle bent- that’s my finger and thumb in the bottom right corner

Mock up of trestle

Another view of the mockup

Close up of mockup

Testingstrregth with an HO loco

Side view of test

And what did the final product look like?

2-8-0 crossing the Pudding Creek Trestle

Side view of installed trestle