Dams on Big River located at Mendocino

Dams were used by the Mendocino mill on Big River to bring the cut logs to the mill. The Mendocino Lumber Company was “famous” for damming Big River. With rare exceptions, dams along Big River were used only during the winter season. Logs were stored in the stream beds – see pic below: Winter rains furnished … Continue reading

USS Shenandoah (ZR-1) – One of four airships commissioned by the US Navy

This picture floated across my screen: Wow, says I, a US Navy airship over Fort Bragg! Tell me more. Per Wiki ….. “USS Shenandoah was the first of four United States Navy rigid airships. It was constructed during 1922–23 at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, and first flew in September 1923. It developed the U.S. Navy’s experience with rigid airships, and … Continue reading

How do you weigh a whale?

If you follow this blog at all you’ll realize that quite a few blogs are the result of my trying to answer questions from visitors to our layout. In the middle of the summer whilst “on duty” I had a very serious conversation with a young boy who was bitterly disappointed that he was not … Continue reading