The Island of Joy – a brothel – that used to exist in Soldier Bay, Fort Bragg, CA.

This e-mail came out of the blue from Will Hackett: ” ……. I’m a Fort Bragg native son,whose teenage chores included hauling trash to “the dump,” plus area exploration, rock fishing and abalone harvesting. So I’m familiar with coves ’twixt Noyo and Pudding Creek. Within text of your following linked page, you questioned, “…I wondered … Continue reading

How old do whales and sharks live?

Last Saturday was the worst day I have “worked” the layout. Worked means answered visitor questions and talked to them about our layout (the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad and Navigation Co.) here in Fort Bragg. The wind was howling. The sheeting rain was horizontal and it was COLD. The layout was packed because it was … Continue reading