Say Cheese, say Holland

The Dutch love cheese. From the train you can see massive fields with lush green grass. They have lots of cows. The result is cheese – buckets of cheese of every type and flavour. Every town we have been to has cheese shops – note the plural. These first photos were taken on a freezing … Continue reading

Dispatch from Maastricht, Holland

Maastricht is about far south as you can get in Holland. Maastricht is a university city on the southern tip of the Netherlands. It is known for its medieval-era architecture and vibrant cultural scene. In its cobbled old town, is the Gothic-style church Sint Janskerk, and the Romanesque Basilica of St. Servatius houses a significant collection … Continue reading

Epistle from Keukenhof in Holland

When we were in Holland some five years ago we went to Keukenhof on a quickie bus tour. We were flabbergasted and vowed to return. Well here we are in Holland celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary AND we are going to Keukenhof. What is Keukenhof? “History of Keukenhof The history of Keukenhof dates back to … Continue reading