Getting a sense of the size of Train Mountain – the world’s largest 7 1/2 inch railroad at Chiloquin in Oregon

Whilst in bed watching the lack of stars through the skylight last evening it struck me that the vid I posted in the previous blog didn’t really give credit to the vastness of Train Mountain. A brief prod on the keyboard and the Internet coughed up two vids that tell the “size” story. The first … Continue reading

Whale run in Fort Bragg

Every year about this time our small town is packed with visitors for the whale run along the beautiful coastal trail. That being so I thought a few pics of whales taken off of our coast would make an appropriate blog. [Click on any photo to enlarge.]  

A brief history of the MacKericher Family (note the spelling) – McKerricher State Park and how Cleone got its name (???)

First a map of McKerricher State Park: Among this week’s dirty washing I found this old word doc: “When I was attending college I worked as a Park Aide for two summers with the California Department of Parks and Recreation. As the official driver of the park garbage truck, I traveled to all three of … Continue reading