Mill at Rider Gulch

Ok. Hands up everyone who knows where Rider Gulch is. Hmmm Didn’t see one hand up. Rider Gulch is not far from Westport. Go up Wages Creek and hang a right. In days of old there was a mill there. Here’s the photos that show I am telling the truth. Now before you go to … Continue reading

Six Dazzling Toy Train Displays to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

These displays were chosen by the Smithsonian website. The post was written by Jennifer Nalewicki. Jennifer writes: “With the holidays chugging into full swing, what better way to get into the spirit than by seeing a display of model trains decked out for Christmas? Ever since Lionel introduced its first electronic train set in the early 1900s, model … Continue reading

Steam Ship Jeanie

In our website’s section on ships we have three pics of the S. S. Jeannie. What we knew before this blog was very little: “One of ships that plied her trade along the Mendocino Coast. She was wrecked at Point Arena in 1900.” One of the three photos we have turned up in Lynn Catlett’s … Continue reading