Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Club member Ben Sochacki has just been there whilst on his hols. per Wiki: The Oregon Rail Heritage Center (ORHC) is a railway museum in Portland, Oregon. Along with other rolling stock, the museum houses three steam locomotives owned by the City of Portland: Southern Pacific 4449, Spokane, Portland & Seattle 700, and Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co. 197, the first two of which are restored and operable. … Continue reading

Pudding Creek

When I come from my home to the club’s layout I pass over Pudding Creek. Nobody seems to know how it got its name. There seems to be no connection to any Pomo Native American name. The best guess is that the original name was, “Put it in” creek and that was corrupted to Pudding. … Continue reading

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Alas it was cloudy here in Fort Bragg, CA yesterday evening and I only got to see an itsy bitsy bit of the lunar eclipse. This evening I have been having a great old time “thumbing” through photos of the event taken by those who a) have better cameras than I and b) who know … Continue reading

Logs for Today – Trees for Tomorrow – a movie made by the Union Lumber Company of Fort Bragg circa 1950

I was over at Roger Thornburn’s house a week or so ago working on a project. After our “work” we spent some time looking at “stuff” which Roger (our computer guru) had accumulated which we had not used in the websites. One of the “things” was this movie. The text and maps were added by … Continue reading