Eagles along the Mendocino Coast (?)

If my faltering memory is correct eagles have been reported along the Navarro River. Whether these three pics are “Mendocino eagles” I am not sure. These pics were found on local Facebook pages. If there is a twitcher out there who can set me to rights I’d appreciate them contacting me.

New Car for Me

My car wouldn’t start today. Then the radiator boiled over. So I’ve been looking for something different like, maybe, this: Touch of rustoleum and she should be fine!

Remnants of logging activities from over a hundred and ten years ago can be seen in the Gualala River.

Gualala. If you pronounce the “G” they know you are a visitor. Gualala it seems was not always Gualala but also Walahlee, Walalla and Walhalla.  Gualala is the last “stop” at the southern end of the Mendocino Coast Redwood Empire. Gualala is a Pomo name meaning “where the waters flow down.” There was a mill there which … Continue reading