Bourn’s Landing near Gualala on the Mendocino Coast – 1910 pics

I( get a lot of questions when “working the crowd” at our layout. Today I was explaining to a couple and their son that the 1906 earthquake not only devastated San Francisco but also devastated all the communities along the Mendocino Coast. At the conclusion of my “spiel ” the lad, in a very serious voice, asked if I was there!!!!!! We collectively did some sums and concluded that if I was born in 1906 I would be 109. The lad concluded that I was definitely old but he wasn’t sure I was more than 100. Hmm. Botox maybe?

One lady recently astutely observed that there was little “social” history on the layout. She explained there was nothing to tell you how often people had baths or showers. How did the “ordinary” people dress? What did a schoolroom look like? As with all the questions I get I note them down and admit that I haven’t a clue but will try and find out.

Well serendipity being what it is I recently received the following e-mail from John Ricca which said in part:

My father-in-law Joseph R. Mixer (age 94) had an aunt, Miss F.S. Mixer, who taught school at the Bourns Landing [near Gualala] schoolhouse around 1910.  I’ve attached photos of hers from that era that I scanned and was hoping that you might be able to use them, or at least know of some other organization that might want them.”

Here are the photos that give you an idea of what school was like and how the ordinary folk lived. Alas info on peoples bathing habits so far elude my research.

Thank you John.