Alpine aka Duffy – a town that was at the 18.1 mile mark from Fort Bragg on the Skunk Route

Elk wasn’t always Elk. It was once called Greenwood. Duffy was once Alpine. Why the name changes? In California all towns having a post office had to have a unique name. There were two Greenwoods and Alpines hence the name changes.

When Alpine was a thriving community it was the end of the CWR (Skunk Train) route. It had a population of about 1,200 and was bigger than Fort Bragg at the time. The town included a tavern, a school and a post office. A fire in 1919 destroyed the buildings and the town was never rebuilt.

Stagecoaches came to Alpine from Willits via a ridge route and passengers alighted from Comptche (12 miles away) and Port Bragg.

Stagecoach at Duffy Depot

Stagecoah loading at Duffy - a town that existed along the CWR/Skunk Train route

Stagecoach loading at Duffy


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