Cincinnati’s Subway System …

Nearly 100 years ago, the residents of Cincinnati, Ohio had a dream: to ease downtown congestion by traveling on underground rail. Fortunately, the city already owned a major form of right-of-way in the area: The Erie Canal. In the early 1900s, the canal had fallen into disuse and became an open sewer. To alleviate health … Continue reading

Pie-eyed and all that!!!

Every March, St Mary’s church in the Leicestershire (England) town of Melton Mowbray becomes a cathedral of pies: it fills with tables bearing more than 800 pastries. Pies have been adding rich flavour to the English language for centuries. Take, for example, the Bedfordshire Clanger Pie: a British classic which cleverly combines main course and … Continue reading

Stepper motor to be installed on Joe DuVivier’s Nn3 diorama of Caspar Mill on the Mendocino Coast

Definitions: Nn3 is narrow gauge in N scale, primarily, but not exclusively using Z scale standards to represent 3ft narrow gauge railroads.While it’s obviously a minority interest, it’s followed by an increasing number of modellers worldwide. N scale uses 9mm track. Z scale use 6.5mm. So, Nn3 is N scale rolling stock on Z scale … Continue reading