Rainbow Breathing Whales

This is another “bit” I got off of the Space Weather site.

“….. “Rainbow breathing whale” sounds like a mythical creature. On June 18th, Mila Zinkova of San Francisco saw one … for real. “Humpback whales are back in San Francisco Bay, and they are breathing out rainbows.”

Rainbow breathing whales

Rainbow breathing whales

“This is not mythology. It’s physics. When Zinkova took the picture, the sun was behind her back shining down into the droplet-filled exhaust of the whale’s spout. Sunbeams reflecting from the water droplets produced a prismatic spray of color just like an ordinary rainbow.

Of course it didn’t look ordinary. “The full video,” says Zinkova, “may be found here. At 2:10 into the video there are anchovies jumping out of the water trying to escape a feeding whale.”