2009: Trains in the Gardens – The Digger Creek and Northern R.R. G scale layout built by the Mendocino Coast Model Railroad & Historical Society

In 2009 the Club did not have a website. I had created a very thick looseleaf book of articles and background material for our Digger Creek & Northern Railroad. In the spring of 2009 the idea was mooted of creating a book using the material I had collected which we could sell to the hundreds of visitors that the layout received. I met our to-be computer guru Roger Thornburn that summer and he and I decided we would try and create a book basically of pictures of Digger Creek & Northern through a website of which he knew. Roger took pictures and I took pictures and with the help of Roger’s wife Nancy we created and sent off a book. I still have my copy.

The book has never made it to the internet ‘cos I did not want to destroy my copy scanning its contents. Very recently I have been going through a hard drive of “stuff” that Roger left me of things we worked on before he died and things that never got worked on. As I was going through I saw a file folder named “full.” Intrigued I opened it up and lo and behold there were the pages of the book that Roger sent off to the printer.

So, here in a gallery, is our book, “2009: Trains in the Gardens.” Click on any picture to bring up the gallery and see the pages nearly full size.

Three things – One, Basil Casabona worked like a champ on the layout and somehow a pic of him never got into the book. Two – we never sold one damned copy of the book!!!!!- Three – the sayings in the book were found by Roger and Nancy.