2018 Tri-annual train meet at Train Mountain – the largest 7 1/2 inch railroad in the world

Our club is very proud to have (Life Member) Bill Shepherd. Since we moved into our present premises he has been a tower of strength doing construction and electrical installation. In addition to being one of our members Bill is a big cog in the operations at Train Mountain. He built the cabin he lives in during the summer at Train Mountain on property he owns in the middle of their huge property. Bill even has tracks to his front door!!

Last summer Bill was intimately involved with the organization of Train Mountains Tri-annual. Here’s the intro to the vid:

Tucked away in a tiny forest town off a highway in southern Oregon is an amazing place for train fans and live steam enthusiast alike. Located in Chiloquin, OR, a town about 30 minutes north of Klamath Falls, OR, Train Mountain is home to over 30 miles of 7 1/2 inch gauge live steam track, making it the largest in the world! Every three years, they hold the tri-annual meet where people from all over the world come out to bring their equipment or just ride the trains. This video serves as just a fraction of what there is to see there and are some of the highlights of the 2018 Tri-Annual!

Here’s the vid. The vid is long – 34 minutes. If you want to ride the rails go to the 14 minute mark. If you just want to see the grand parade of trains go to the 19 minute mark.

Just a weather note – it gets REAL  hot there!!!!