Great Train Graveyard just outside Uyuni, Bolivia, near the world’s largest salt flat.

In my last blog I regaled you poor souls with one of the places I “visited” on my internet world tour of trains. Here’s another one – Uyuni, Bolivia.

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Just outside the city of Uyuni, in southwestern Bolivia, dozens of abandoned steam trains are scattered around as if a giant child dropped them there. The “cemetery” marked only by a small sign that explains very little, has become a minor attraction for tourists visiting the nearby Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. The trains have been buffeted by wind for decades. The salt laden wind, in part, emanates from flowing over an enormous natural stockpile of salt. They’re rusted out, long ago stripped for useful parts. Covered in graffiti—some of it pretty good—they’re strangely beautiful relics of an industry left behind.

Take a tour as I did:

Did you like the eerie music? I did.