A ghost at The Lodge at Noyo River, Noyo just south of Fort Bragg, CA??????

This blog is NOT about the Noyo River Tavern. The Noyo River Tavern was at Northspur. The Lodge at Noyo River is on a point above the Noyo River.

In its heyday in the 1860’s there were three lumber mills operating full time at Noyo on what is now called Noyo flats. It was a bustling community with three hotels, numerous saloons and assorted merchants. On the bluff above Noyo harbor sits the Lodge at Noyo River. The Lodge has been in operation since 1868 until its recent closure for renovations.

Alexander MacPherson, a young Scotsman living in San Francisco was the first to build a logging mill on Noyo Flats. During the construction of the mill he built a home on “Stony Point” and moved his family in. Some say he chose the spot so that he could count the logs from his window as the floated down river. His home has become the Lodge at Noyo River.

In 1908, Mr. Henry Holmes, another gentleman who made his living in the woods, purchased the property. Mr. Holmes was Superintendent of Woods for Charles R. (C.R.) Johnson’s ULC, the Union Lumber Company (then owner of the California Western Railroad – the “Skunk”). He was very likely the highest paid salaried man in the area.

The ULC was in the process of purchasing all the smaller independent mills for consolidation into one large mill on the two mile long property he owned in Fort Bragg. With the closure of the mills on Noyo flats the town moved to Fort Bragg.

Mr. Holmes remodeled and added on the Noyo River House. A photo of the Holmes family enjoying the patio shortly after the completion of the renovation can be found in one of the hallways. The remodeling installed beautiful board and batten redwood paneling on walls and ceilings the inn. The Scandinavian shipwrights working as carpenters used the finest wood such as choice heartwood fir and clear redwood to create what locals believe to be one of the oldest and finest buildings in Noyo/Fort Bragg.

Main Lodge Building

Main Lodge Building

Now comes the ???????? part. I was told that ghost haunts the Lodge. To say the least I was VERY, VERY skeptical – I am an accountant and we have ice in our veins. This accountant though, is VERY curious. So of he goes trolling the ‘net and what does he find on a site called, “Legends of America”:

Today, it is said to be haunted by an unfortunate honeymoon couple who lost their lives in a car accident near the hotel. Immediately after the accident, the groom was said to have been heard crying for help just outside the lodge, an image that continues to replay itself today. His bride, dressed all in red is said to pace within the lodge. Other strange occurrences also occur including the sounds of ghostly voices and laughing, and well as lights that mysteriously turn on and off by themselves.”

So I thought I might talk my long-suffering wife to spend a night there as a test. Alas, she tells me it is still closed for renovations. Bummer!!!!!

Anybody stayed at the Lodge and met the ghost?