Are you (a) a Chocoholic and (b) a Model Train fanatic? If, “Yes” Read on ……….

I have added one of these to my holiday season, wedding anniversary, valentine’s day, birthday, easter and rhubarb day present lists for the next 99 years.

A new Guinness World Record was recently set in Belgium by Maltese master chocolatier Andrew Farrugia, who unveiled the world’s longest edible chocolate structure at Brussels Chocolate Week. Farrugia’s creation is a detailed steam-powered locomotive, rendered in 2,755 pounds of Belgian chocolate, that stretches 111.5 feet long and took 784 hours to complete. 2,755 pounds of Belgium chocolate …. How many calories is that? You really want to know? This delicious masterpiece packs a massive 6.5 million calories.

The train’s many components include seven wagons modeled after modern Belgian trains. The remaining trains recall Belgium’s older train wagons, including one with a bar and restaurant. Check out the vid below for a lengthy, detailed look at the “old” end of the train.

Think about it ….. if you ate a pound of the chocolate a day it would take you 2,755 days to gobble …… 2,755 days is …….. seven and a half years ….. if I start now I’ll be 76 when I finish ……

Now, if you are wondering if this is the largest chocolate model/structure ever made the answer is, ”No”. Go here to read about it, an incredible 18,239lb edible replica of an ancient Mayan temple.