Black Bears in the Mendocino Coast Forests

We have several bears on our layout. They are there, in part, to tell the kids how bears get honey from beehives. The other part is to make visitors aware that bears were very prevalent in the forests along the Mendocino Coast. I have been told that the Pomo Indians  who lived in peace along the Mendocino Coast for 15,000 years before the arrival of the white man feared bears, black and brown. You can read about California bears here.

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The white man with his rifle eliminated the bears from their surroundings as this piece from the Fort Bragg Advocate of December 27th 1915 attests:

Fred Roberts and Archie Kempe killed two black bear on South Ridge  on the Ten Mile river.The mother weighed 400 pounds while the cub topped the scales at 75 pounds. Both were fat and the Advocate can vouch for the fact that the steaks were delicious.”