Bourn’s Landing – a note from the owner, Dr. John Bonham

We have a page in the website on Bourn’s Landing – click here to see. At the foot of the page I wrote: “If anyone has any information to throw some light on my/our confusion please contact me.” My plea has been answered – see the e-mail below:

I have owned Bourn’s Landing for over 60 years and may be of some help to your ? lack of knowledge there;

Yes, there WAS a railroad! It was a narrow gauge steam driven typical lumbering railroad. The redwood ties have mostly rotted away and the railroad spikes that we once found are no longer there.

The Engineer was a Chinese fellow but his name is lost to history. He loved to make cookies for local children so his name simply became “Cook”.

He often would have a “cookie party” for children on a nearby beach. Now days, that beach is simply known as “Cook’s Beach

After I received the e-mail I went looking for a map showing Bourn’s Landing. This is the topo map I found:

Map showing Bourn's Landing

Map showing Bourn’s Landing

I was hoping to find the route of the railroad that Dr. Bonham mentions. Alas, no cigar.