Caspar Lumber Company’s Little Red Schoolhouse at Camp 20 on the road from Fort Bragg to Willits

I first visited Caspar Lumber Company’s Little Red Schoolhouse at Camp 20 soon after we moved to Fort Bragg in 2000. The kids were curious as to what an “olde worlde” schoolroom looked like. So we packed lunch and off we tooled.

The schoolhouse is on the south side of the road beyond the Camp 20 meadow toward Willits and is the bright red redwood building.Cross over the footbridge to the east of Camp 20 and look to your right – the old camp schoolhouse stands waiting to be preserved. In its early days it was known as “Woods School”. It first opened in 1915 at Camp 1, moved to Camp 19 and then to its present location. To move the school it was cut into three pieces and mounted on skids. Each third was loaded onto a flat car. Upon arrival it was “stitched back together.

This is the picture that I took in 2001:

2001 photo

As you can see it was not in great condition but still repairable. That, sadly, is no longer true as these photos, taken last summer attest:

What a bloody shame that NO-ONE cares.