Eagles along the Mendocino Coast (?)

If my faltering memory is correct eagles have been reported along the Navarro River. Whether these three pics are “Mendocino eagles” I am not sure. These pics were found on local Facebook pages.

Eagle pic #1

Eagle pic #1

Eagle pic #2

Eagle pic #2

Eagle pic #3

Eagle pic #3

If there is a twitcher out there who can set me to rights I’d appreciate them contacting me.

Pelicans along the Mendocino Coast

A short while ago I was conscripted into taking my wife’s hounds for a walk. My choice of venue for this ghastly job was to walk beside the sea on the Haul Road. The Haul Road is the name of what used to be Union Lumber Company’s railroad tracks from Fort Bragg to Ten Mile River. Whilst recovering from having my arms pulled out of their sockets I looked out over the waves and saw a flight of pelicans skimming along the top of the waves. After the Great Blue heron Pelicans are the birds I enjoy watching the most. Here’s a gallery of pics of pelicans that I have collected.


Along with the Great Blue Heron Osprey’s are my favorite bird. If you go along the South side of the Noyo river you’ll come to a public ramp. Look up into the trees and you’ll see Ospreys nesting.  The osprey’s diet consists almost exclusively of fish.

There was a medieval belief that fish were so mesmerised by the osprey that they turned belly-up in surrender, and this is referenced by Shakespeare in Act 4 Scene 5 of Corialanus:

I think he’ll be to Rome
As is the osprey to the fish, who takes it
By sovereignty of nature.”

Hands up all those who knew that Shakespeare bit? Huh, not even one.

Click on any photo to see the gallery full size.

Great Blue Herons along the Mendocino Coast

The Great Blue Heron is my favorite bird. I have watched one hunt gophers in a field of a million gopher holes. Now, how did that heron know that there was a gopher down THAT hole. They are tall. They are very graceful. When they land they remind me of a 747 landing. Breathtaking.

In the sixteen years we have lived here I have seen quite a few but, until very recently, have never had a camera to hand when one hove into view. That changed when I was on the beach and I espied one on a rock just beyond the surf:

Seaside Beach north of Inglenook

It ain’t the greatest photo but ……..

For the technically minded this is what Wiki has to say about the Great Blue Heron: The great blue heron is a large wading bird in the heron family, common near the shores of open water and in wetlands over most of North and Central America . as well as the Caribbean and the Galapogos Islands. These two pics are by pros:

Vids are hard come by. This one is the one I like best of the few I have found:

I really like the music that accompanies the vid.

Anyone got better pics?