Rainbows along the Mendocino Coast – Ver 2

I love rainbows. Not sure why, They seem to be a harbinger of peace to me.

Here’s a few pics of rainbows that have hovedto on my computer in the last little while.

Rainbowout sea from Van Damme Park

Rainbow over the C V Starr Centre in Fort Bragg

Rainbow over Noyo Harbour

Rainbow over Mendocino

Rainbow out to sea at Navarro

Rainbow at Westport

And to finish yjings off some rainbow music!!!!


Wreck of the Steamer J.S. Cabot In Mendocino Bay in 1860

Some how or other I came to acquire this piece of info:

“In 1860 twelve lives were lost in a terrible maritime disaster in Mendocino Bay. The brig J.S.Cabot had approached the loading chute to take on a cargo of lumber. Seeing the chute was currently in use, the captain attempted to turn back to sea but a sudden gale brought in a heavy sea from the south. Although anchors were dropped, the ship was dragged and capsized. A boat from shore was launched to rescue the sailors, but the rescue boat was rolled over by a large wave. Half of those lost were the would-be rescuers.”

Whence it came I have no idea. It’s remained in my “more info needed” pile for some considerable time.

Our website has a large section (under Ships) of the vessels that plied the Mendocino Coast. Alas, there is nothing about this ship, the J.S. Cabot. A trawl of the ‘net also came up with an empty net.

Whilst staying at home during these awful times I have been sorting through old hard drives. On a hard drive i was using in 2015 I found this photo in a folder called “Cabot shipwreck.” I think the photo is of the ship referred to above.

Wreck of the Steamer J.S. Cabot in Mendocino Bay

If anyone has more better info PLEASE let me know.