Climbing a Spar Tree

When Roger (Thornburn) and I set out to create this website a million moons ago Roger really put me through the hoops about “getting the structure right”. He did a good job ‘cos we’re/I’m at the point where I am back tracking over material I have laid aside which I am using to “flesh out” the pages we have created. One of the “thin” pages is the one on the spar tree – a vital part of the operation to bring the fallen trees from where they were cut to the landing area where they could be loaded onto the train to take them to the mill.

When I was looking for the article on tools needed to Climb a 270 foot high Redwood Tree for my geriatric friend (see this blog) I came across another article by Jerry (Gerald F.) Beranek, a local faller, on climbing a spar tree. I took it with me to read when I had my PICC line replaced this morning. For someone who these days gets dizzy when he shuts his eyes in the shower the article is quite terrifying BUT, it does provide a fascinating glimpse of what it takes to go to the top of a spar tree. It’ll be a great addition to our spar tree page. I’ll have Roger add it to the spar tree section in a day or so.

Have a read for yourself.