Company Store in Fort Bragg

When I was looking for some photos to add to a piece that Louis Hough, the club’s first historian, had written for me I chanced upon a photo of the (second?) Union Lumber Company’s Company Store taken (I suspect) soon after it was built. It seemed to me that it was little different now from what it was then. So, I tottered off downtown with my trusty shoot and click and having waited 15 minutes or so to get a clear shot took the second pic below. I was right no change that I can see.

Union Lumber Company’s Company Store soon after it was built

Union Lumber Company’s Store as it is now – October 2011

Interestingly there is no sign on the front and side visible from where these photos were taken on Main Street to tell you that you are, indeed, at the Company Store. I wonder why? There IS, however,  a sign on the south side above what was probably a freight entrance. Curious.

Sign over south side back entrance