CWR’s (California Western Railroad) 2-8-2, #45 when she was the Medford Lumber Co. (MEDCO) #3

For today’s blog I an indebted to our Vice President, Chuck Whitlock and his friend Jack Dykstra. Jack is a member of the Montana Museum of Railroad History located in Great Falls, Montana. The Museum boasts of two extremely large layouts. Check this page out to see the details.

I have always wondered where #45 worked before she came to the CWR. Jack’s e-mail explains the “where”.

“As promised here is a photo I took of Medford Lumber Co. (MEDCO) #3 working in the woods near Butte Falls, OR in March or April, 1959. It is my understanding that this is
the locomotive that the California Western later bought and converted to #45.

Jack kindly forwarded to Chuck a picture – see below – of CWR #45 when she was a working girl. According to Jack, “At the time of this photo MEDCO also had 2 or 3 active Willamette 3-truck Shay type locos on their roster, plus a dead 2-truck Shay sitting out in the woods. I believe one 3-truck ended up in the RR museum in Dunsmuir, CA.”

Medford lumber Company #3, now CWR #45

Medford lumber Company #3, now CWR #45

Thanks chuck. Thanks Jack.