Dehaven Mill Railroad and its 0-4-0 Falk

Just like Wages Creek that I blogged about yesterday so it is with Dehaven – our current page is pretty thin. Again, admittedly it was always a pretty small settlement, disappeared a long while back and today it is just a sign on the side of the road. There is good news though – we have uncovered another, very interesting photo to add to our page.

Dehaven Railroad 0-4-0 "Falk" with Gypsy Winch on front

Dehaven Railroad 0-4-0 “Falk” with Gypsy Winch on front

Just look at that winch on the front of Dinkey!!!!! And, not just a Dinkey but a Falk! Check this page to learn all about my love affair with Falks!

According to Thad M. Van Bueren in his book, “Belonging to Places- The Evolution of Coastal Communities and Landscapes between Ten Mile River and Cottoneva Creek” the Dinkey was used from 1901 to 1905 in Dehaven Valley.

Mr Van Beuren states, “Very little is known about the Dehaven railroad system. A mill was built by Gill and Gordon near the mouth of the valley in 1889 and came into possession of the Pollard Lumber Company “afterwards” according to Aurelius Carpenter. Robert J. Lee suggests that a railroad was present in Dehaven Valley between 1901 and 1905 and it is shown on a 1905 map. Oliver Calkins was the engineer. The mill burned in 1906 and was never rebuilt.”