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The first dragsaws were reciprocating power saws using a six foot steel crosscut saws to buck logs to length. Dragsaws were the forerunners of the modern chainsaw. They were the first powered saws used in the logging operation. The earliest models were powered by steam from a donkey engine. The model in the picture below is gasoline powered and is atypical of those used from the 1920’s through the 1940’s and by some diehards until the 1950’s.

In theory they were portable. Hank Simonson used one in his youth . He said that portable only meant portable if you were very strong and fit as they weighed some 300 pounds. They were very reliable and very rugged and were significantly more efficient than cutting (bucking) by hand.

This is a new pic of a dragsaw in operation that I have uncovered. Click on the pic to read the text,

Dragsaw operating

Dragsaw operating