Dunlap. a speck on the map between Camp 19 and 20 on Route 20 from Fort Bragg and Willits

In this post, “Map of Fort Bragg and Vicinity circa 1925” I indicated that the place on the map, “Dunlap” was, after 15 years of going between Fort Bragg and Willits, unknown to me. After talking to a couple of knowledgeable visitors to our layout in Fort Bragg (the Mendocino Coast Railroad and Navigation Co.) and some of our club members I was put to rights.

This picture, taken by club member Mike Aplet, shows that Dunlap “is no more than 1/4 mile west of Camp 20. There are markers in both directions.”

Dunlap sign taken by Club member Mike Aplet

Dunlap sign taken by Club member Mike Aplet

Why had I missed it? Beats me but I did – I have seen it every time we have gone “over the hill” to Willits since Mike sent me the pic.

I haven’t yet explored the camp site to see if there are any informative signs therein. The consensus of the cognoscenti is that Dunlap was where the place where the workers at Caspar Lumber Company’s Camp 20 lived. As Mike pointed out it is easily within walking distance to Camp 20.

Anyone have more insights?