Food on the Trans-Siberian Railway

No, I haven’t been on it. I’d like to, but I haven’t so far. The nearest I have got was listening to Hank Simonson’s tales of riding the railroad across Australia.

When a friend comes back from holidays my wife has three questions: (1) how was the weather? (2) were the beds comfortable and (3) how was the journey/flight? Me? I have only one question: How was the food? I mean, you’ve got to get your priorities right, eh?

In case you want to know, the Trans-Siberian Railway is a network of railways connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan. Except for the twice per month regularly served connection between Moscow and Pyongyang, it is the longest railway in the world. There are branch lines to China through Mongolia and Manchuria, with service continuing to North Korea. The line is 5,772 miles long and the track gauge is 4 feet 11 and 3/4inches.

Route Map of The Trans-Siberia Railroad

Route Map of The Trans-Siberia Railroad

So, when I received this link I was so fascinated I have leafed through it three times trying to decide if I should add the Trans-Siberian Railroad to “the” list.

Here’s the link I got from my daughter, Annalise who is a REAL foody. “What We Ate on the Trans-Siberian Railway”. Click on the banner below the pic to get the slideshow. See what you think.