Furka Pass Cogwheel Steam Railway

Whilst located in Montreal I was assigned to work three times in Geneve, Switzerland – each time for about six weeks. The Swiss believe in their weekends. Friday afternoon at 5 pm the safe, the doors  are locked and that’s yer lot till Monday at 8 am. My auditing group couldn’t use the peace and quiet of the weekends to get some serious ticking and bopping in. So, we went on trips. In my case railroad trips.

In these ghastly times I have been roaming the world riding railroads on the internet. Early on in the pandemic I re-visited the two cog and rack railroads in the USA and the one in Wales. I think I covered all the cog and rack/rack and pinion railroads except this one. I think I didn’t pursue it ‘cos it used a steam loco and I wanted to save the best till last.

Furka Pass, with an elevation of 7,969 ft. is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps connecting Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. The Furka Pass was used as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger. One curve on the east side of the pass is even named “James Bond Strasse”. Where is it in relation to Geneve? Here’s a map to help orient you:

Map showing location of Frka Pass in relation to Geneve

Here are a few pics to whet your appetite!!

Crossing one of the many bridges


Snow plow on the line

The loco that does all the work

So, are you ready to take a ride?

I enjoyed the ride. Did you?

Alas, I didn’t ride the real thing – I was in Geneve at the end of the winter.