Getting a sense of the size of Train Mountain – the world’s largest 7 1/2 inch railroad at Chiloquin in Oregon

Whilst in bed watching the lack of stars through the skylight last evening it struck me that the vid I posted in the previous blog didn’t really give credit to the vastness of Train Mountain. A brief prod on the keyboard and the Internet coughed up two vids that tell the “size” story.

The first vid is a drones eye view taken by Aaron Bentsen of 7idea Productions.

I have been lucky enough on my visits to ride to the four corners of Train Mountain. My ride lasted three hours and I didn’t see it all. This vid condenses a four hour vid into eighteen minutes. Hold onto your seat ‘cos you hurtle around the bends and come to abrupt stops at the signals. Whilst it may not look like it I promise you you are NOT going over the same track twice.

Wonder how big a replica Z scale layout of Train Mountain wouild be????? Hmmmmm!