Google Maps visits Minatur Wunderland (the largest HO layout in the world) in Hamburg, Germany

I don’t think that there are too many folks who have not read about, heard about or seen Google Maps street level camera. Well, Minatur Wunderland modified one of their cars and turned it into a Google Maps camera car and then sent it out onto their gigantic layout:

That was just the intro. Google Maps then published the pictures that the camera car took. Before I show you those pics I want to say that Google Maps may have got the idea from the photos that our club computer guru Roger Thornburn took or our layout. Here’s the link.

Now I’ll take you to Google’s tour de force. It took me a sec or two to get the hang of what Google have done. Click on the first page, “Explore the Wonderland.” On the next screen is a map – click on any of the balloons and sit back in awe. Here’s the link.

I spent nearly three hours gawking at the different scenes.

Thanks to daughter Annalise for the heads up.