Haarlem – The Tulip Parade

One of the “things” that we wanted to “do” in Holland on our hols was see the parade of floats that goes from Keukenhof to Haarlem. The parade was due in Haarlem at 9:30 pm. Alas, it was bloody freezing so on a unanimous vote we stayed home. The good news was that the floats stay in Haarlem overnight and are on display the next day.

The next day was cold but not freezing with blue, blue skies. When we got to the parade, much to my surprise, wife Sarah started taking photos – something she normally never does. When I saw her clicking away I thought it would be neat if I remembered the parade through her lens. So, here’s what Sarah recorded.

Click on any photo to start the gallery and see the photo full size.

I couldn’t help ending this post with my favorite version of Easter Parade: