Indian Pacific – the Australian Trans-Continental Train

I was talking to a gentleman at our Model Railroad a while back who thought I was an Aussie. Before I could tell him otherwise he asked me if I knew of Slim Dusty. I replied, “Yes.” “Then, ” he said you being “into” trains you know his song about the Indian Pacific.” Before I could answer he said, “You sound just like Slim in his song, “G’day, G’Day.”

As is usual as a result of such encounters I jot down something to help remind me of the conversation and to look up what I was presumed to know. Today I found a note with the words, “G’day, G’Day,” recalled the conversation and wrote this blog ………

If you want to learn Oz the song, “G’day, G’Day” is as good a place to start as any.

The Indian Pacific is Australia’s most famous train. It runs across Australia from Sydney to Perth. (Click to enlarge the map.)

Indian Pacific Route Map with elevations

It is one of the few truly transcontinental trains in the world. The train’s route includes the world’s longest straight stretch of railway track, a 297 mile stretch over the Nullarbor Plain. The length of the journey is 2,704 miles and takes between 70 and 75 hours.

This vid by Slim Dusty gives you an idea of what the Indian Pacific is all about.

My good friend and club member Hank Simonson and his wife Flo rode the Indian Pacific when they visited Oz to meet Flo’s cousins. Hank told me it was the highlight of his retirement.

PS – I was born in England