It wasn’t Cleone

As historian for our club (The Mendocino Coast Model Railroad & Historical Society) I spend a LOT of time reading/researching/surfing the web for “stuff” to amplify the history we have accumulated on the Mendocino Coast. It’s kind of like fishing – there is often a long time between bites. Very occasionally I get lucky and once in a blue moon I hit the jackpot. This blog is about hitting the jackpot.

A short while back I wrote a blog about the photo below:



When I got the photo it said it was of Cleone. As I explained in the blog I was far from sure and asked if anyone “out there” could set the record straight. Club member Mike Aplet rode the first ambulance, “It looks like Sunnyside Beach to me.” Then came Len, “More north yet… A place where the highway drops down near the beach. Old shell middens there, and there used to be an old small house that was covered in roses. It was said that an old indian lady lived there. Looks like it to me.”

Then came an e-mail that had me chuckling all the way to the bank. This came from Earl Haas, who lives in Washington State:

Good afternoon Mr. Phillips,

 Rather than go into a saga here I would like to make a comment on the picture in question.
My families, both on the Parrish side and Haas side have lived between the Caspar and Juan Creek area’s since about 1890.
I was born in the old house still standing closest to the creek and old bridge at DeHaven.
My Dad’s Mother was Barbara Elizabeth Standley who was part of the Harrison Standley and The old Doc Standley Sheriff. along with Admiral Standley Clans.
From the above you can see that I have deep roots in the area.
I am now 83 and live in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains NE of Seattle.
When I ran across your site earlier today I immediately recognized the picture as being what we always called Seaside.
Cleone is a few miles south of Seaside and south of Ten Mile River close to the old Fort Bragg Grange building.
The Ten Mile river is about 2-3 miles south, The old Roberts Ranch was just up the hill from the picture. Irwin Roberts wife Ruth was my School Teacher in the primary grades.
Just North of the picture was the old Frazier ranch and homestead.
The picture clearly shows Highway one with the beach and rocks to the west and the vine covered house to the east of the road. Definitely Seaside.
When I was in the 9th and 10th grades I had a friend, a full blooded Indian named Richard Bowman who lived in the house with his Grand Mother.
I spent several nights in the house in the 1949 and 1950 time frame if I did not have a ride back to Westport where I lived in the old house directly down from the old Westport store.
The vines covering the house are pink rose bushes. I remember at one time the house was so covered with the roses that the roof was not visible.
In 1946, My Grandparents, Parrish,  lived in a tiny house just south and up the hill from the house on the long road up to the Roberts house on the hill.
My Grandma, Ida Mae, died in the house in June, 1946. 
The Parrish family, Mark, my Grandpa, was the Son of David Parrish, the family who owned the land where the Botanical Gardens are in Fort Bragg.
David Parrish prior to moving to Mendocino County was a worker on the Burbank property in Santa Rosa.
History books show that Luther Burbank gave both potatoes to start on the property as well as species of fruit trees.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am still of sound of mind and the picture shown as Cleone is NOT Cleone but Seaside Beach as I described it.
I enjoyed your web site and the research you have dedicated to it.
Best Regards,”
Thank you VERY much Mr Haas. You REALLY made my day.

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  1. Mr. Phillips..I am the youngest brother of Earl Haas. I live in Elkton Oregon and still am raising Purebred Suffolk Sheep(originally developed in England).Good article and beautiful historical pictures..I was adopted out in 1940 so I was unfortunate not to have grown up with Earl. We keep in contact now. Thank you…Dave Gowan

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