Iverson (Landing) just south of Point Arena on the Mendocino Coast

Iverson (also spelled Iversen) was located 5 miles south of Point Arena. A post office operated at Iverson from 1890 to 1910. The name honored Charles Iverson.

The above was about the sum total of what I knew about Iverson until quite recently. I knew from various sources that there was a chute there. Chutes were used to get cut lumber from shore to a schooner moored as close to the shore as was safe. This, I think, was the chute at Iverson (Landing):

Chute at Iverson on the Mendocino Coast

Chute at Iverson

The other picture that I garnered was this one:

Railroad ties en route to the Iverson chute on the Mendocino Coast

Railroad ties en route to the Iverson chute

But, who was Charles Iverson? Well, for starters I am not sure his name was Charles. I think that this is he along with his wife and two children.

Capt. Niels Iverson

Capt. Niels Iverson

My info says Capt. Niels Iverson was known for being a very industrious businessman. He came to San Francisco in 1830 from Denmark. He settled in Point Arena in 1865 and opened a store. The store expanded into a meat market. He later opened the Point Arena Hotel. He also owned a paper mill and a saw mill.

The location of the mill I haven’t yet figured out. But I will …….

Another sliver of local history meets the light of day.