Last Kibesillah Building Saved by Steve Brigham

This story and the pic appeared in the December 2013 Westport Wave. We live in Cleone and Kibesillah is one “town” to the north of us making the story of particular interest to me.

As you likely know, the former town of Kibesillah predated Westport as the largest Caucasian settlement in our area, having been started in the late 1860’s in an area just south of our present-day Vista Point. By 1870, the town had around 20 buildings and 113 residents, many of whom would move to Westport as that town was established ten years later.

Today, nothing remains of the old town of Kibesillah, except for a small shed and a big house or barn. For well over a century, this old barn (which is clearly visible as you drive by on the Coast Highway) has stood as a proud relic of days gone by, and it is perhaps the oldest building in our area. But two years ago, a big storm finally collapsed one side of it, and since then it has been on the verge of collapsing altogether.

Owner Mike Cutino desperately wanted to preserve this historic structure, but he didn’t have the means to do so. There was no way the proud old barn would survive another winter. Would the last relic of Kibesillah collapse and the old town finally be gone forever?

Enter (ta-daa!) the expert Neighbor 2 Neighbor crew, led by Gary Quinton and Picasso Sosa. You’ve heard of a “barn-raising” – well this was a barn-saving! As if by magic, several telephone poles were donated and holes were dug, and on November 1st (All Saints Day), equipment was brought in to lift and place the poles, which now securely hold the old barn up. It took several volunteers to install the heavy poles on the outside of the structure and one right in the center.

All together there were 8 sets of helping hands. Next, volunteers installed beams to support the roof and walls so the winter winds do not tear it down. This is not a fix, but rather a saving of this very old structure, which allows Mike Cutino the time to fully restore the old structure. As you might expect, Mike is “ecstatic”, amazed, and so thankful to Gary and Picasso and all the volunteers
that made his (and Westport’s) dream of preserving the Old Kibesillah Barn come true. This is another tremendous story of how Neighbor 2 Neighbor can work, be the project big or small! “

Last building in Kibissilah

Last building in Kibesillah