Laying Track in the Woods in Oregon

I belong to a Facebook page called, “Steam in the Woods.” The page is the “property” of Martin Hansen who appears to have a vast library of old logging photos. Most of his posts, whilst very interesting in their own right, do not have relevance to logging along the Mendocino Coast. Once in a while one comes up which really catches my eye …..  like this one:

Laying Track in Oregon in 1907

Laying Track in Oregon in 1907

First Martin’s comments on the pic:

This scene captures Oregon Lumber Co. Shay #101 CN#1884 blt. 1907, on a track laying operation. The ties are up front because 2 men can carry ties back to the new grade. The rails are on the flat at the rear ready to be pulled off again by hand. This is a ritual that was repeated, over and over again for construction of logging spurs. The reverse procedure was then repeated many times to pull up the track laid perhaps only 1 or 2 seasons past once the surrounding area was cut. The image is from the SVRR Archives collections.

This is the only pic I have seen of track laying in the woods. Whilst this photo was taken in Oregon I can’t imagine it was much different along the Mendocino Coast.