Legendary Locals of The Mendonoma Coast by Tammy Durston

Mendonoma Coast Cover

Our website on the history of the Mendocino Coast has, deliberately, included little about the people who lived there – we leave that to the genealogists. So, I was loath to purchase a book with the words “Legendary Locals” in the title. I was glad I did..

First, what is the author talking about in the phrase, “Mendonoma Coast?” This is the author’s map:

Map of Mendonoma

I have added Mendonoma to my lexicon.

I was much taken by some text in the Introduction:

Historian  and novelist Wallace Stegner wrote that, “Local history is the best history, the history with more of ourselves in it than other kinds.” I absolutely agree.

Poet John Masefield wrote regarding the coast redwoods, “They are not like trees, they are like spirits. The glens in which they grow are not like places, they are like haunts – haunts of the centuries or of the gods. The trees rise up with dignity, power and majesty as though they have been there forever.” How eloquent.

From a logging history the book has little to add to that which I have already chronicled in the website. But, it was a good read. Thank you Tammy Durston.