Lego Minion and a breakneck speed “ride” on a Lego Railroad

We have a Lego train layout at our layout (The Mendocino Coast Model Railroad & Historical Society) for the kids. So every time I get a heads up on Lego trains I ‘m on it as quick as lightening. So, fasten your seat belt and hop on board.

Mesmerizing isn’t it? Did you notice the number of super duper Lego trains the guy has? And how much did all that track cost? Amazing.

Thanks to daughter Annalise for the heads up.

And the Lego Minion? Do you remember in the first movie one of the Minions makes a xerox copy of his butt?

Well how about a Minion made of Lego making a copy of his butt?

Lego Minion

Lego Minion