Märklin model railway layout in Denmark: Kælderkøbing Modeljernbane

This is definitely the best Marklin 3 Rail layout I have ever seen. It may not look like three rail but, if you look between the rails, you will see bumps – this was how Marklin hid the third rail – a shoe underneath the locos ran along the bumps.  Jens Krogsgaard – a Danish model maker – built this HO scale layout which is called “Kælderkøbing Modeltogbane”.

The detail is prodigous. The animation is superb. I was fascinated by the opening scene of a vertical staging elevator. The layout of Kælderkøbing reflects the same problems of all model railroading hobbyists: Too many trains and too little space. Therefore, Jens constructed a vertical staging elevator. Inside the elevator are seven tracks, each four feet six inches long. I have never seen an elevator like this in a model train layout before.

The vid IS quite long (24 minutes) but if you have the time a VERY worthwhile watch.