Mendocino Coast Ravaged By 1983 Storm

In a previous blog I told of the stormy weather along the Mendocino Coast. In that post I included a pic of a huge wave overwhelming the pier at Point Arena. In my search for arcane historical info about the Mendocino Coast I have found out that the pic was but one of a series of photos and that the storm took place in 1983.

Ken Jones website about the Point Arena Pier contains this text which was taken from Charles Rappleye article in the Ukiah Daily Journal of January 27, 1983:

Thousands of coast residents remained without power this morning in the wake of wind and heavy rains from the winter’s roughest storm, but damage was light throughout the inland areas of the county…

Point Arena, at the county’s southern tip, was the hardest hit. Waves, wind and localized flooding caused the collapse of two buildings near the water at Point Arena Cove and smashed through the front windows of the Cove Café.

Eight people were caught inside the restaurant and its rear buildings when the high water struck, but all were rescued without injury.

“My little boy was trapped,” Betty Moran said. “I floated around and started screaming for help. I was afraid that another wave would come and force them to leave me.”

“I was in the building taking a shower when it happened,” said Dori Fox, daughter of the restaurant’s owner.

“I was standing in there looking out the window like I always do and then I saw a wave coming eye level.”

 “I’ve never been so scared in my life. The water was coming in all over — under the door, up the drain. I got out of the house, and people were running all over screaming.”

Fox, 26, said she had lived there all her life and never seen such high surf.

Along with the destroyed boathouse and outbuildings, raging seas demolished much of the Point Arena Cove pier, built during the last century to load timber ships…”

These are the pics:

Point Arena Pier before the

Point Arena Pier before the 1983 Storm

 Storm at Point Arena Pic #1

Storm at Point Arena Pic #1

 Storm at Point Arena Pic #1

Storm at Point Arena Pic #2

 Storm at Point Arena Pic #3

Storm at Point Arena Pic #3

After the 1983 Storm at Point Arena

After the 1983 Storm at Point Arena

The pics were taken by Nicholas King.

We don’t get snow but ………

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  1. I was living on little valley road at this time. Many many trees came down on the road. We were without power for eight days.

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