New Excursion Car for the Mendocino Model Railroad & Navigation Co. built by Frank Davis

Frank Davis runs our Mendocino Model Railroad and Navigation Co. layout five days a week for our club. He does an absolootly super job looking after the layout as well as telling visitors the history behind the dioramas on our G Scale layout. He is also extraordinarily patient with the little ones who enjoy rushing in and out of the Barn wherein our layout resides and yanking on our train whistle. I can’t say that I am as patient.

When you enter our layout there is, on the wall, a monitor on which we play a movie of old time logging. In the movie there are two scenes of excursion trains taking Caspar Lumber Company and Union Lumber Company employees and their families out into the woods for picnics. The cars that the folks ride on are flat cars that have been converted for the day by the addition of benches.

Frank and his wife, Lynda, are accomplished O scale modellers. Frank kindly turned his hand to G gauge modelling by converting one of our flat cars into an excursion car just like in the movie.

Railbus and consist coming round in front of Basil Casabona's cliff face

Railbus and consist coming round in front of Basil Casabona’s cliff face

Frank Smith's outdoor excursion car

Frank Davis’s outdoor excursion car

Thanks Frank for letting visitors see what’s in the movie on the layout.