Noyo, The River and the Town near Fort Bragg California

Whilst I have been “loafing”  200 miles south at Stamford hospital for the last four days   getting chemo, tests et al our website guru, Roger Thornburn, has been incredibly busy working on scanning our latest “treasure” – a book about Noyo.

Before there was Fort Bragg (California that is) the community of Noyo existed on the banks of the River Noyo which now forms the southern boundary of Fort Bragg. A redwood mill and fishing provided the sources of income for the inhabitants. The most comprehensive source of information about the community is the 1986 book “The Noyo” by Beth Stebbins. Through the efforts of Noyo resident, Dusty Miller, we were given permission to add the book in its entirety to the website …… which kept Roger busy whilst I was up to no good down south.

If you click here you can read/look at all 122 pages of this long out of print book that Roger has put into e-form.