Railbus M200 which used to belong to the Califiornia Western Railroad running at Niles Canyon

The California Western Railroad (aka The Skunk Train) used to have four railbuses – M80, M100, M200 and M300. One of them, M-200, still exists and is still running but not on the Skunk Line. She has been completely restored and she runs on the Niles Canyon Railroad (out of Sunol not too far from San Francisco).

M200  was built bythe Skagit Steel & Iron Works, MAC Division, in January 1926.  Only her rear truck is powered by a diesel-hydraulic engine. She weighs 21 tons.  Her history: She was built new for the  Longview, Portland and Northern Railway  as their #20. She became the Trona Railway #22, Trona.  She was cquired by the California Western Railroad in 1941 as  #M200. She was acquired unserviceable by the Niles Canyon Railroad in July 1975. Completely restored she returned to service in 1985.  Her inaugural passenger service was in May 21, 1988.  She is still in service as this vid shows:

Thanks to our Chief Operating Officer, Frank Davis, for the heads up on this one.