Rotterdam Model Train

One block from Rotterdam Railway Station is the biggest model railroad layout in the Netherlands. This miniature world is built in HO scale and covers an area of more than 650 square feet. Wife Sarah and I went there on our last visit to Holland. Sarah didn’t want to go in but was seduced to enter by an offer of a pastry and a coffee. After she finished gobbling she wandered in and was entranced by the layout.

Rotterdam was destroyed in WWII. The model recreates the city as it was before the bombing. As you move along there are a plethora of very informative  placards with photos of what was there. The trains are a mere adornment to the fabulous modelling. You can see the staff/volunteers building the models. The medium used is cardstock. I had a very interesting conversation with a staff member on how to do it.

Turn the sound OFF – it’s awful.  The vid lasts an hour so don’t be afraid to skip sections.