Spanish Model Railway Layout with Cab Ride in HO Gauge

Hands up those who have seen  a Spanish Model Railroad. I have not. This one is a VERY long dogbone with very nice scenery.

This HO gauge model railway layout is based on the original railway line in Catalonia, Spain, between the city of Lleida and the city of La Pobla de Segur. The railroad is called “The Train of the Lakes” because of its beautiful landscape. Many tourists use this railway route when they stay on vacation in Spain. There are trains from the Catalan railway company as well as Spanish RENFE trains. The layout was made by the Spanish modeler Mr. Jordi Auqué. He was commissioned by Mr. Raül Valls, the editor of the Spanish Railway Magazine “La Revista MásTren”, to build a beautiful Spanish railroad display. The layout in 1:87 scale depicts a part of the railway line in Catalonia, and is almost 25 meters (80 feet) long. The locomotives and scale models of the Spanish RENFE trains are made by Electrotren, Ibertren and Mabar.

I added a visit to my Bucket List.