Stormy Weather along the Mendocino Coast

As a preface to the photo below I am going to copy a couple of paras from our website:

The vessels that plied in and out of Mendocino’s doghole ports bringing in machinery and supplies and taking out lumber products had to deal with frequent foul weather and rock strewn approaches. During storms along the Mendocino coast, ships lying at coast landings had to put out to sea to avoid being lost. If you were a sailing vessel that was no easy task. Steam powered schooners which started to supplant sail around 1900 fared better because they get up steam quickly and ride out the storm at sea.

One of the worst storms on record occurred between November 17th and 23rd, 1865. Mrs. Silas Coombs of Little River wrote about the storm in the November 28th issue of the “Ukiah Herald.” She reported that in one night at Noyo (Fort Bragg) the schooner R. J. Whiting disappeared, at Caspar the schooner Metis was a complete wreck. In the harbor at Little River three schooners, Ellen Adelia, Don Leandro and Phoebe Fay were beached and wrecked. At Mendocino City the Storm Cloud and the Golden State were wrecked. At Point Reyes the schooner Helen was lost and outside of San Francisco Bay the schooner Helen Louisa was also lost.”

I have never found any photos of that storm. The photo below, I believe, was taken at Point Arena. As it is a black and white photo I presume that it was taken prior to the 1940’s.

Point Arena (?)

Point Arena (?)

Imagine being at sea in that lot,